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Dental Care
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Dental Care
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Dental Care
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We offer simple-to-complex dentistry in a unique, personalized care environment and innovative dental OR instruments through EagleOne Surgical in Hazleton, PA  

Dr. Richard B. Brinker is inspired by nature and dedicated to providing optimum dental care for patients requiring simple to complex dentistry. He focuses on the following services:

  • Oral implants and their placement
  • Wisdom teeth or third molar extraction, especially from referring general dentists when tooth extraction may be too difficult to safely attempt

Since 2001, his broad dental knowledge uniquely qualifies him to diagnose and treat dental conditions resulting in relieving pain or presenting a more pleasing smile for each patient who puts trust in his expertise. Also, he is personally pleased to have honorably followed in the footsteps of his father’s dental profession.

Dr. Brinker is proud to have designed, developed, and received U.S. patents for specialized dental instruments, surgical clamps, for dental professionals through EagleOne Surgical, a nationally and internationally recognized dental instrument vendor.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Brinker or EagleOne Surgical for more information. We’re open throughout the week for your convenience. When we are not in the office directly, we offer personalized live and rapid receptionist response to ensure your needs are handled expeditiously and confidentially. 

The Beauty of Nature
Lies in the Details
As my father was a dentist, I was able to see the excellence of dentistry at an early age. I now enjoy the pursuit of this excellence with EagleOne Surgical. Here I am able to work with a skilled and professional staff that is constantly striving for improvement. It is a goal-oriented team effort conducted in a one-on-one, personal, healthcare treatment plan basis. It is, in essence, an office that cares about each individual patient.
Dr. Richard B. Brinker