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Dr. Brinker’s Eagleone Surgical offers Dental Professionals Patented Dental Systems including the Manta TRS, RSB Clamp, and Larydent Device in jacksonville, FL, and Hazleton, PA

Dr. Brinker’s scope of decades of knowledge in the practice of dentistry allows him the creative license through EagleOne Surgical to design, develop and patent dental systems for the discerning dental professional. His engineering of these patented products showcase his expertise and concern of how to increase the quality of care for dental patients. 

Professional Dental Products at EagleOne Surgical

EagleOne Surgical offers the following suite of dental systems:

Manta TRS (Tongue Retraction System)

The Manta mouthprop allows for graduation in degree of opening and support of the temporomandibular joint structure by interposing the bite block between the contralateral sides from which surgery is being performed. Oftentimes the tongue musculature of the patient is flaccid or curious and obstructing the field of view during the removal of third molar teeth and when working in the posterior quadrants of the mandible generally. Because the assistant’s hands are very well occupied in irrigation and evacuation procedures for the protection of the vital bony alveolar housing, no good techniques are available to ensure adequate visualization of his region during conscious sedation, general anesthesia, or cases under local anesthetic control. This unique product uses a specially constructed protuberance at its widest aspect in order to secure a modified Weider retractor. The natural tonus of the patient’s closing musculature under the operative distraction renders the entire apparatus secure. Further, in the event of some incidental choke or gag reflex by the patient intraoperatively, the device can be readily removed to allow for rapid airway. Please call us for further information and to order this dental accessory.

RSB Clamp (Follicle Retrieval Clamp)

Inspired by nature, this simple, yet elegant, design aids in the post-extraction delivery of Follicular remnants from the bony housing of the third molar site of surgery. The design is based on the architecture of the Roseate Spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) with greater surface area and volumetric control of the follicular remnant to be delivered in a atraumatic fashion. It is more ergonomically controllable than an end-cutting rongeur of comparable size and with much less weight, it is therefore more controllable. Its use is intended to replace the use of a Kelly clamp (hemostat forcep), which was not designed with this use specifically in mind. Please call us for further information and to order this dental accessory. 



This product is designed to protect the human dentition during the laryngoscopic intubation phase of general anesthesia. The design is patterned for both Macintosh and Miller-shaped laryngoscopic blades with a number of different sizes available (e.g.: Mac 3, Miller 2). The small foam pad cushions the dentition against untoward force vectors during the necessary manipulation to secure a patent airway. Of necessity the anterior neck viscera is suspended up and away from the epiglottic region. This is often a matter of some strength and technique in order to achieve the desired result. Too many times, the maxillary teeth, especially maxillary central incisor teeth, can inadvertently come into contact with the laryngoscopic blade. In case of point, the medical literature lists dental damage as one of the most often occurring untoward events during general anesthesia. The design is such that the thickness of the neoprene foam does not interfere with visualization, as it is temporarily placed on the cephalad surface of the blade. These foams have been ‘kiss-cut’ on a roll (3-M) and are also available in sheets. Please call us for further information and to order this dental accessory.

“I recently had a dental procedure performed where the Manta device was employed. I have never experienced a more welcome feeling of being secure and comfortable during a dental procedure! There was none of the usual forcing to keep the mouth open, or trying to hold myself in a particular position, I was able to relax during the process and felt so much at ease when the procedure was complete. I recommend the Manta device without reservation to anyone having a dental procedure.”
Wayne Wolfe

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